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Revive Body MD is dedicated to helping men, woman and parents transform their health and that of their children to a better way of living. Our office offers comprehensive consultation, crafting personalized treatments based on your goals and medical diagnosis. We have a diverse of healthy & safe Weight Loss and Wellness programs, along with #1 Non-Surgical weight loss procedure in Coolsculpting.

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Comprehensive Weight Loss Evaluation

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One-on-One Consultation

Schedule an in-person consultation with our decorated Dr. Rita Thakur and receive a personalized weight loss and better living treatment plan to assure your weight loss goals are achieve safely.

Your evaluation and treatment plan will provide you with…


A 30-45min thorough health & weight loss consultation with Dr. Rita Thakur & our Revive Body MD health experts..


A full review of your weight loss and medical history. With the understanding your health history, it allows our team to provide you the best & safest weight loss programs available.


Receive an extensive review of our most effective & safest weight loss programs Revive Body MD has to offer.


Acquire a personalize health & fitness program that allows you to not only meet your weight loss goals, but change the health of your life for the better.

Dr. Rita Thakur

Meet Dr. Rita Thakur

Dr. Rita Thakur received her M.D. at St. Louis University. Her holistic approach to health and wellness has granted her various awards and press as she continues to help patients in a personal and state-of-the-art manner.

For the last 15 years, Dr. Rita has helped thousands of patients in the San Francisco Bay Area lose weight efficiently and safely. Dr. Rita received her M.D. at St. Louis University in 1988 and then went on to complete her residency at a world-class institution, UCSF. Her expertise from pediatrics to internal medicine put her in a unique position to help treat people of all ages. Dr. Rita’s success can partially be attributed to her extensive experience in the field, but primarily is the byproduct of her deep desire to help people achieve their goals, regain self-confidence and most importantly to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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Revive Body MD is based in the city of San Jose, Ca. 95112 and is proud to be a resident and service it’s surrounding cities of Milpitas CA, Fremont CA, Sunnyvale CA, Pleasanton CA, Redwood City CA, Mountain View CA, Hayward CA, Union City CA, Palo Alto CA, San Mateo CA, Santa Clara CA. Along with servicing our local cities and communities, our #1 goal as a business is improve the overall health and well being of our fellow patients and neighbors. We look forward to being of service.