• Q: What kind of weight loss programs do you offer?

    We have a balanced 3-Step Nutritional Program for you that may include FDA approved appetite suppressants, medications, vitamin injections and/or HCG diet.

  • Q: How fast can I lose the weight?

    Most of our patients lose between 10 to 20 pounds within the first month. You not only lose pounds but inches around the waistline and other areas.

  • Q: What are Vitamin B12 and Bcomplex?

    Vitamin B12 and Bcomplex are essential vitamins that help maintain a healthy nervous and immune system. It also helps with the production of red blood cells.

  • Q: How do these vitamins help with Weight Loss?

    These vitamins help to reduce cravings for sweets, to increase your basic metabolism rate in addition to improving memory, decreasing irritability and depression, and with energy production.

  • Q: Why choose the HCG diet?

    Because you will lose weight FAST and reduce your overall health risks under the supervision of an M.D. The time is now to achieve your weight loss goals.

  • Q: What is the HCG diet?

    HCG stands for Human chronionic gonadotrophin. It is a hormone produced in pregnant females to help them lose abnormal fat (associated with obesity) so that the fetus grows and stays healthy. HCG was first discovered as an effective treatment of obesity by the late british physician, Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons in the early 1900’s. Dr. Simeons devoted years to researching various patients suffering from obesity. While treating his patients with low dosages of HCG, he found that they lost abnormal fat rather than lean (muscle) tissue. He reasoned that HCG must program the hypothalamus to do this on order to protect the fetus by promoting consumption of abnormal, excessive adipose deposits (fat).

    Simeons gave his patients low dosages of HCG injections daily and customized a low calorie diet (500 cal/day, high-protein, low-carbohydrate/fat). He found the patients lost adipose tissue (fat) and didn’t lost lean tissue (muscle). Simeons also noticed that his HCG diet patients did not experience as many headaches, hunger pains, weakness, or irritability that patients on other diets experienced.

    It did not take long for the HCG treatment to spread. It’s relatively inexpensive and safe and has achieved permanent and fast weight loss in most patients. The main problems that overweight people deal with are massive, intense, constant physical hunger; food cravings and uncontrollable urges to eat when not hungry; low metabolism; and an abnormally high amount of fat stored in stubborn secure problem areas such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist in correcting these conditions.

    We have a 6 week and a 3 week program depending on your goals, and you could do a second round of therapy as well. Patients who need to lose 15 pounds or, 7 kilos or less require 24 days treatment with 21 daily injections. The very low calorie diet is continued for 3 days following the end of the injections to avoid weight regain. Under normal circumstances a 500k cal diet is almost impossible. But through the administration of HCG it becomes possible. The HCG treatment of Dr. Simeons suppresses feelings of hunger so you will feel satisfied with the low calorie diet.

    Dr. Simeons research on the effects of HCG injections for weight loss has helped shed new light to the reducing obesity, with thousands of new HCG dieters already losing a pound or more a day! Our patients have achieved incredible results from this treatment opion

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