Revive Body MD’s Medifast ™ Healthy Living Plan

Kick start your weight loss effectively with Dr. Rita

Healthy Living Plan

Revive Body MD’s Medifast ™ Healthy Living Plan is set apart from other weight loss plans with scientific research and proven results.

Medifast ™, the brand 20,000 doctors have recommended for almost 4 decades is a main staple and frequently used program utilized by Revive Body MD. This successful, specially formulated meal plan is designed to aid in significant amounts of weight loss. The purpose of this plan leads to patients losing weight in the healthiest manner possible while maintaining long term results.

Medifast ™ is Safe and Effective

If your journey entails losing 15 or 150 pounds, Revive Body MD can assist you.

Losing Weight with Nutrition

This tailored meal-plan is dense with nutrients and fortified with 24 various vitamins and minerals. This is so nutrition is not sacrificed for the sake of dieting. Each Medifast ™ meal holds the same nutritional profile, and is constructed of enough low fat protein and healthy fiber to ensure feeling full and satisfied after each meal without the feeling of in between desires of snacking that can hinder one’s weight-loss plan.

Relevant Benefits:

  • Each meal’s nutritional value is of equal to keep you nourished and healthy
  • With more than 65 meals available to choose from, you are able to eat a variety of food with no set order or set meal time
  • Every meal is low in calories, fat and is low-glycemic
  • Meals are designed to satisfy hunger and to avoid depravity between meals
  • With the daily Lean and Green meals, you can enjoy losing weight with real food by following our simple shopping list guidelines
  • Your body will come to a fat burning state after a few days on this weight loss plan
  • You can maintain muscle tissue while you lose weight

Medifast ™ Dietary Weight-loss Meals

What do the meals entail?

Each daily serving is considered as one meal for your meal count. There are Over 65 different daily weight loss meals to choose from. Whether it’s savory, sweet, crunchy, hot, cold, hearty, or boldness to tickle your taste buds — you’re covered.

What are in these meals?

The meals are infused with the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy, continuous weight loss regimen. By controlling the carbohydrate and fat levels in meals, it aids in maintaining a similar nutritional footprint.

Daily Lean and Green Meals

Enjoy flexibility for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between.

Our patients enjoy Lean and Green meals any time of the day. You can even split the daily portion into snackable sizes. The choice is yours.

Each 5 to 7 ounce Lean and Green meal is composed of lean protein in addition to three vegetable servings and up to two healthy fatty foods, depending on what you chose for your lean proteins. Assemble your own Lean and Green meal or separate for snacking to reach your daily nutritional requirement.


Spice it up while you lose weight

Don’t worry about flavorless meat and/or vegetables. To add zest to your meals and make your weight loss plan more pleasant, you can add condiments to your daily lean and green selections. Our approved Condiments List will let you know what you can add to meal plan with a little spice to liven up your servings.